Furryfirst Dog Cat Grooming Tool Kit

    • SUPERIOR DEMATTING BRUSH – THICK UNDERCOAT? SENSITIVE skin safe 2 sided de-matting tool glides thru even the THICKEST 2 LAYER COATS – GENTLY detangling mats, knots, burrs and matted fur.
    • 95% LESS SHEDDING w/ DESHEDDING RAKE – NO SCRATCH de-shedding comb with stainless steel medium course teeth gently removes dead undercoat – reduces frustrating hair on floors, couches, and clothing.
    • EASILY AND EFFECTIVELY BRUSH OUT UN-WELCOMED GUESTS from your furry friend’s coat using this mini fine tooth comb with small rounded metal pins.
    • LUSH COAT, RIGHT AT HOME – 10,000+ PETS APPROVED: hair length & size doesn’t matter. Reviews show that small maltese puppy, medium lab retriever, German Shepherd, ragdoll cat, EVEN Persian kittens LOVE feeling pampered with this set.
    • LIFETIME HAPPINESS GUARANTEE – experience 100% satisfaction with how our grooming set saves time dematting, grooming & cleaning up furry messes FOR LIFE or we’ll refund you 100%!